Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any specific question you can call us direct on (02)43324049 or use the Ask-A-Question service
Do you supply tape etc and can I get it from you?
Do I need to pay at the time of treatment?
How long does a session take?
What should I wear to therapy?
What are your regular after business hours?
This page is dedicated to answering any questions you may have. We have focused website on giving patients information on the logistics of making a suitable appointment and using our service effectively more than giving general information on diseases and injuries. However we have introduced an "ask-a question" service where we may be able to give some insight into your questions. Please read all details before  sending any enquiries.
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We are happy to answer any of your questions about any aspect of physiotherapy or your specific problem at all. Please note that often it is hard to give information about an injury that we have never seen but we will give it a go. We will include a selection of good questions on this website in the future.
Our usual business hours are 8.30am - 6pm Mon-Fri. Saturdays by appointment. It is very common often that will come in earlier and stay back if you cannot make it during those times.
Technically you can wear anything to therapy as long as you are happy to take it off! Better to wear light clothing. We provide gowns for women to wear if they need to take off a top or bottom and you receive a clean gown and face towel to use.

Women who need therapy to their upper back, neck or shoulders will most likely need to undo their bra strap whilst lying face down on the bed but we prefer if it stays on. Women in this situation should avoid wearing sports bras without a clip at the back as we cannot get to the important muscles and joints on your back.  In this situation it may need to come off but you will have a gown to wear at all times.

For those who are likely to use our gym, shorts or tracksuit pants with a suitable top is best.
Initial sessions take between 45min and 1 hour and follow up sessions take between 30min and 45min.

Please arrive 10min before your first session to fill out the necessary paperwork.

If you are on a tight schedule you can let us know beforehand and we can ensure you are out in time.
Payment is necessary at the conclusion of your session for private patients. For those who are workers compensation, veteran affairs, motor vehicle insurance claims or under medicare no payment is necessary as the third party wil receive all invoices direct.

To assist with payment we accept cheque cash, credit card or eftpos. We do not accept AMEX or Diners. We have HICAPS for direct payment from your health insurance company.
Can I claim on the spot on my health fund?
You can claim directly through HICAPS and only pay the gap. You need to bring your swipable card from your health fund as we cannot punch in the numbers like a credit card. Some health funds do not permit a HICAPS transaction after the treatment date so you must bring your card every session. Most health funds can claim under HICAPS. You can visit click the HICAPS logo to visit thier website to check or contact your fund directly.
How many sessions does it take to get a problem better?
This question is near impossible to answer. As a general rule it takes as much time to resolve a problem as the problem has been there. For example, if you have had low back pain for 6 months you would expect the problem to fully resolve in months not weeks. However that does not mean you will not be 50% better in a few weeks with therapy and continue your home exercise programme to help further after therapy is ceased. Grade 2 sports injuries take between 2-8 weeks depending on how bad the injury is.

We will suggest the number of sessions we feel is ideal but will be happy to work within the parameter the client sets.
How soon should I come in for a session after injuring myself?
Review our injuries section of the website for more specific information but generally the earlier the better. General back or neck niggles you may wait a few days to see if they resolve without therapy. Any pain which is new or very debilitating should be seen as soon as is convenient. Sports injuries should be "iced" for 48 hours and rested and therapy best after this period.
We keep supplies of products such as tape that we normally use which you can purchase at cost. This generally involves a huge saving when compared to purchasing elsewhere and ensure you get the premium product. When can order in other products like braces which need to be chosen carefully and sized up which most pharmacies do not cater for. We do have the Mobility Center next door to us which is very convenient for many products as they have the best range of all pharmacies on the coast.
Do I still pay if I need to cancel?
We do have a policy that all cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment time must be paid for in full however we do use our discretion and will wave  the fee if you re-appoint. After all, we are all busy and things happen which are out of our control.
Can I bring a family member along or my baby?
It is best to leave little kids at home if possible but we have plenty of room for prams and strollers and we would love to meet your little ones. All family members and friends are most welcome. You decide if they join you in the treatment area or read an up-to-date magazine(yep, we are famous for it) in the waiting area.
Do you have a waiting list?
Generally we will find a spot for you on the same day or definitely the following day. We always try to keep a few spots free for new clients - you cannot wait if you are in pain!!!
Do i need a referral?
Physiotherapy is a first-contact profession which means you do not a referral. However if you are workers comp, veteran affairs, Medicare or Motor vehicle accident you will need a doctors referral as these are the rules  for these claims which rely on third party payment.
Do I need x-rays?
X-rays do not usually assist in directly therapy but are very important to exclude bone fractures and sinister pathology. If you have x-rays from your GP bring them along but otherwise we can give you a referral for an x-ray. We know some local x-ray clinics that do not charge a gap on medicare.
What can I expect during an initial session
Your first session will involve asking you a series of questions about your problem followed by a thorough examination. We will discuss a treatment plan with you and perform treatment as well. This process can take up to 1 hour.
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